Palmetto producers and suppliers offer services for all kinds of lawn installation needs throughout WA. We take pride in helping our customers maintain their lawns to the best of their ability. Here, we explain the best lawn installation method for Palmetto, ensuring you have a beautiful healthy lawn all year round in WA .


The first step that may be required for your lawn installation is the removal of existing vegetation and establishment of the necessary levels.

The next step involves removing sticks, stones and other debris from the top 10-15cm of the soil.

Add the 'Palmetto Underlay' evenly to the surface and lightly till the soil and Palmetto Underlay using either a nail rake or rotor-tiller.

After the Palmetto Underlay has been spread across the surface of the soil, it should be incorporated into the soil using a rake or a lawn leveller.


You should install Palmetto turf immediately after delivery. Begin in-stalling turf along a driveway or footpath, pushing the edges together tightly without stretching.

Use a sharp knife, spade or machete to trim edges of turf to fit the landscape. Be sure to stagger joints of the turf in a brick-like pattern to avoid continuous seams.

Always place turf across steep slopes and stake if needed. Do not place small pieces of turf along outside edges as they will dry out and ie . Begin watering turf within 30 minutes of installation.

In hot WA weather, place un-used turf in the shade and keep it moist until it is laid in the landscape. After a light watering, roll the turf with a water roller or plate compactor to ensure good turf to soil contact.


Water new turf as soon as possible after installation. Professional turf installers commonly have a person hand watering turf as soon as it is laid. Water first thing in the morning and follow closely the watering guide supplied by your Palmetto turf supplier.

Make sure the turf and the upper soil profile remain moist throughout the day. Be extra cautious during hot, dry and windy weather as turf can quickly dry out. Proper watering will ensure good turf rooting into the soil. As soon as the new Palmetto grass is well rooted (cannot pull turf from the soil), the mainte-nance watering program can be adopted.

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