To produce a quality lawn, Palmetto requires a properly planned fertiliser program. Nitrogen containing fertilisers stimulate the growth of Palmetto, and the end result is a darker-green coloured lawn. The more nitrogen (N) that is applied, the more the Palmetto will grow; however, nitrogen must me applied in a controlled manner to achieve consistent, even growth patterns. In addition, the more the Palmetto grows, the more often it must be mowed and the more maintenance it requires. Here, we will explain how to provide your new turf with the best  lawn care  in  WA .


For lawn care to be maintained at an optimal level, it is recommended to apply Palmetto Premium Lawn Fertiliser available from your WA grower & supplier.

The most critical period for a fertiliser application is in the April period, just before the weather starts getting too cold. Given that the Palmetto lawn is fertilised in April it should stay an attractive green colour throughout the winter.

The rate of growth of Palmetto during the winter month in the South West of WA is quite slow, until the soil begins to warm up again in October. October is probably the second most critical period for a fertiliser application in WA. So get the right advice and always contact your Palmetto Supplier for the recommended fertilising program for you local conditions.

palmetto fertilliser and lawn


Below are some problems and solutions that may occur with your lawn. It is always important to recognise and treat any problem early. If you install and maintain your Palmetto lawn as is recommended by your supplier, these problems will rarely occur.

  • Green and yellow stripes on the leaf—typical symptoms of iron deficiency
  • During warm humid wet conditions, buffalo can be susceptible to a fungus called Grey Leaf Spot
  • Buffalo can sometimes be susceptible to brown patch in the Autumn and Spring
  • For advice and information on lawn care, contact your Palmetto supplier.


Proper mowing practices are critical to maintaining an attractive palmetto lawn. Both mowing height and mow-ing frequency can affect the quality of the lawn.

For the optimum level of turf quality for Palmetto, mow and maintain the lawn at a height of 25-40mm at least fortnightly during the peak growing season from Novem-ber through to March. Either a rotary-type or reel-type mower can be used to mow Palmetto. It is very important to keep mower blades sharp and well-adjusted to get the highest quality cut.

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